Eddie Martin - Thirst 3k “Superb”,”full of depth, colour and damn good songs”,”such a strong album”,
“you know when you’ve experienced something special, and this was it” “a cracking album – up there with the best !


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Excellent songs….…strong slide guitar, driving harmonica work and cool vocals.Eddie has a strong reputation in Britain and beyond, and this fine album will increase that even further.


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“The songs are noteworthy too, real songs rather than vehicles for extended soloing – instrumental breaks are kept on a tight rein for the most part here – Mean and moody, or upbeat and rocking, this one should please Eddie’s fans a lot.”


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“You may have guessed by now that I love this album and, if you love your blues guitar-led, then you will love it too…give it a listen and you will soon agree.

Bluesdoodles rating: Stupendous – definitely an album for your must-listen collection”

La Hora Del Blues

“Eddie Martin is without doubt one of the great names of contemporary British blues rock…. With a long career behind him, Martin proves in this new album he has already reached a complete professional maturity, as well as a total self-confidence and an undeniable leadership.”


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‘Thirst’ is an adventurous album by a mature blues artist who draws on his accumulated knowledge and musical ability to produce a weighty career high.”


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Even more impacting is ‘Imagine Us From the Sky,’ a slowly building slide, guitar and Hammond number that conjures classic era Allman Brothers sonic imagery.
If Joe Bonamassa (albeit with, no doubt, a bigger soundscape) had written or recorded this ‘un it would be hailed as JoBo’s latest epic.

Such longer or emotive numbers are tempered and complemented by the shorter and sharp slide blues fun of ‘Run River Run,’ the up-tempo shuffle of the humorous ‘Silver Spoon’ and the Bo Diddley-esque and slide squealin’ ‘Louisiana Woman’ (lyrically a tribute to the Queen of Gospel, Mahalia Jackson).

The dark, seven minute slow blues rumba ‘Frozen Lake’ (Ry Cooder slide meets Nick Cave’s poetic lyricism) makes for a spacious and intriguing closing remark that’s begging to be used in a yet to be written, eerie TV series set down by the misty Bayou swamplands.

Thirst isn’t just a cracking little album, it’s also well named – it sums up in one word Eddie Martin’s unquenching appetite for writing, recording and performing.

​It also reconfirms Eddie Martin’s drive and determination to continue to get better each time around.
In that regard, job done. Until the next one, probably.

Ross Muir

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“If the idea of Sixties British blues stylings given a twenty-first century sound appeals to you, Thirst should float your boat.If you like well-crafted songwriting in a variety of blues-related styles, I think you’ll find it here. If damn good slide guitar playing does it for you, this is an album that’s peppered with it – but always serving the song.Do you appreciate lyrics that are sharp and imaginative?  Eddie Martin has that base covered too.”


THIRST by Eddie Martin, on Blueblood Records, Dec 6 2019

Eddie Martin's discography already runs to twelve studio albums. He debuted in 1995 with "Solo in Soho" and recently released 
(as successor to "Black White and Blue" [2016]) "Thirst". 
He chose the title (THIRST: an elementary fearless appetite) 
to express his urge to keep writing songs (and to strive each time for the best). 

The result was that Martin wrote eleven strong, sometimes stunning songs, 
produced with sublime technical prowess.

Martin opens with a ZZ Top-like riff "One Man Band" and, 
with "Everybody loves the one man band" declaring his love, 
the album impressively. 
Lyrically he is then in top -gear comically in "Sewn Up" ("If nip and tuck 
doesn't change our luck, we get some more if we've got the bucks ...") 
and "Silver Spoon" ("where were you, at the start and my whole life through? ... ”), 
but also hard and sharp in“ Free Man Blues ”:
“ you know that freedom's deep, it's not a simple treat, 
it talks of others that you may not, 
who had theirs stolen in their sleep or had no choice but to sell it cheap, 
that's why the sour goes with the sweet Mr. Free man? ... ”. 
After this with many wah-wahs, is introduced the funky "Searching for 
(a place to call) Home", in which Martin calls on us to give the refugees a hand, 
then follows "Like Water", the longest song of the album. 
This is an emotional "love ballad", 
which he opens acoustically on 12-string guitar. 
It is his homage to Keith Richards "" Wild Horses "and" Sticky Fingers "[1971], which is his all-time favorite album 
of the Stones. 
It is "coincidence" that in 2018, in the same year, during the presentation of the 
European Blues Awards, Richards won the "European Blues Award for 
Lifetime Achievement", Martin the award as "Best Solo Artist" and that 
Martin signed with Bucks Music, where the Stones debuted. 
Just as emotional is "Imagine Us from the Sky" later. 
Martin is rocking in full on "Run River Run" and brings a 
tribute to Mahalia Jackson in "Louisiana Woman". The closing piece "Frozen Lake" 
is the "other" Eddie Martin. With a dark rumba - which fits in so well with the Twin Peaks cult series - he takes on the challenge.
With "Thirst", Eddie Martin again releases a varied blues / rock album 
with clearly recognizable Delta blues influences and a harmonica that 
demands attention in the background. The blues riffs and slides in the songs are very contagious and the 
songwriting is more than excellent. 

“ ‘An album that will not only appeal to the blues rockers, but to anyone who loves an artist whose lyrics and soundscapes continually 

Eric Schumaans