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A joyful one man band anthem “Happy Broke and Free” is single no 2 off Eddie’s new solo album “The Birdcage Sessions”. Out June 18 it’s all about how you don’t need money or technology or even work to feel happy.

I’m laid off but laid-back coz there’s nothing I can do. All my gigs are gone but I’m in a carefree mood. The sun’s in my back yard and the birds are singing too.

Starting and finishing with the recorded birdsong from his back garden, this catchy, singalong, old-timey modern classic features Eddie’s ace picking, rack-harp and foot percussion.

Presave on your favourite streaming platform or preorder “The Birdcage Sessions” album now   rremDownload from your favourite streaming platform here  “Before We wake Up”, the first single of 2021 out May 18th, is a charismatic anthem to the dreams and nightmares of our age. In this first release from Eddie’s “The Birdcage Sessions” album (out July 9 2021), the master songwriter, guitarist and harmonica player summons a compelling and beautiful gospel, folk and blues soundscape for this call to action.