2019..a GREAT New Album is coming….

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I’ve been working hard for over a year on a new album.


It’s sounding better than I could have imagined and I can’t wait to share it with you…..


Next month I’m going to reach out to you with some ways to get involved and feel a part of it.


With some fantastic musicians on board along the way it is in the last stages of completion now.

There is just my vocals to put down and then the all-important job of mixing, and then, finally, mastering.

The album is intended to be a rich listening-experience album rather than say the stripped- down live small band sound that was the production philosophy of the last album.  I relistened to some formative albums from my youth for inspiration.  The Stones “Sticky Fingers” for example..what a great sound, great arrangements and great songs were on that album!.

So my approach has been similar to that taken on my first band album “Blue To The Bone” where I got the best people I could find to supplement my regular bass and drums guys, this time Jerry Soffe and Tom Gylkes, to layer instruments and build the soundscape I wanted for each song.

Recorded in Bristol I’ve drawn upon some of the world class musicians who reside in this buzzing creative hub. There is Jonny Henderson on Hammond B3 who squeezed in a fantastic day in the studio out from his touring with Matt Schofield and Robben Ford. Funky Fender Rhodes piano was provided by the great Dan Moore and New Orleans style piano was provided by the inimitable Yuki Yoshizu. I also have Audra Nishita from L.A. who sang with Macey Gray to help inject some soul and funk and a lot of magic in the process.

You can start to guess the sound emerging…think rocking blues slide guitar and a splash of  National Steel Guitar, soul, funk with the occasional splash of New Orleans piano …or maybe visualise Johnny Winter and Dr John gate-crashing a Rolling Stones concert.

The lyrics are varied and as usual are intended to be worth a read.  And as far as a release date goes I have a tentative plan to release it at our show at the Bristol International Jazz and Blues Festival at the end of March 2019 with the full band that appears on the album.   I’m not rushing this one though….it has got to be the best album I’ve ever made !

I’ll keep you posted !

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