On the Road..sorry Train..in Ukraine!

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I love going on tour in new countries.   So I was excited to be offered a tour of the Ukraine for 12 days earlier this year. But I only found out last week that because “the roads in Ukraine are so bad they are dangerous” to quote Max the promoter, it would be by train.  Apparently thats the way you tour in the Ukraine! As I understand it, we take guitars but all the other equipment is provided by the venues in each town.


Wish me luck!


This is the diary


1.11 KYIV solo gig 

2.11 DNEPR  solo gig 

3.11 ODESA 

4.11 ODESA solo gig

6.11 Kherson all acoustic solo gig

7.11  TERNOPIL solo gig 

9.11 Kyiv

10.11 KYIV Festival Band Show

11.11 KYIV Festival jam

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